I love my bunyip!
84 fishing!
Since he just started playing again

and NO ONE was there to tell him congratz on his 99 for getting 99 hp! PM him and just tell him way to go!

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Can I just go home?

I need a nap then wanna play runescape and get my 99

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Can I just watch young justice?

That’s all I want to do. But no it won’t download so right now I’m doing nothing while waiting for it to finish while I’m fishing

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i have a runescape membership, why should i go outside?

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Nothing to do

So far I’ve made an in depth quest list for my friend pulled up every quest he has left to do req. For each one. I think I may do level tips next.

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gonna spend the day fishing

hopefully I’ll get a few lvls today 99 why you so far?!

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